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"We-pay-the-difference" Complementary Health Insurance

"We pay the fee difference" in our contracted hospitals for the SSA registered patients.

You will pay no fee difference in SSA-contracted private hospitals.

*No payment other than 15 TL (which you have to pay legally for physician examinations under the SSA) is collected.

Pick the plan that's right for you: 9 different plan options and 3 different network of contracted institutions.

7/24 Online Doctor and ambulance services for free

What is "We-pay-the-difference" complementary health insurance?

"We-pay-the-difference" complementary health insurance covers people insured by the Social Security Agency (SSA). At our contracted health institutions, the fee difference that may arise during your visit is 100% covered by Demir Sağlık ve Hayat as described in our special terms.

You can complete your treatment without paying any single expense other than the statutory 15-TL contribution share that the state mandatorily charges for SSA expenses.

You can find alternative plans that may suit your needs and budget: only inpatient or inpatient and outpatient (10 times limit a year). For our 18-48 woman insured, you can add the pregnancy coverage in your policy.

Also, please click here to see our contracted health institutions network specifically developed for this product.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are between 0 and 60 years old and covered by the SSA, you are eligible, too (Newborns may be insured after 14th day following their birth).


Services covered by your policy are as follows and you can make use of them free:

To benefit from these services please call Demir Sağlık ve Hayat Customer Care Services by dialing 0850 252 04 04.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the policy pay drugs? What is the policy for constantly used drugs?

No, drug coverage is not included in this policy; as all the complementary health insurance in Turkey.

If I buy the policy for my whole family, will I be eligible for deduction?

Yes; According to the number of people in the family you can get a variable deduction, 2 people family will benefit from 2.5%, +3 people family will benefit from %5 discount.

Is this policy used for treatment expenses abroad?

No, the policy is only valid within the limits of Turkey.

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