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Demir Private Health Insurance

How can I transfer my policy with another insurer to Demir Sağlık ve Hayat?

If you apply to Demir Sağlık ve Hayat Sigorta within one month following the expiry of your policy from another insurer, the transfer will be completed based on the results of an evaluation. You have to submit documents during the transfer, showing your vested rights in the past insurer.

Is there a waiting period for inpatient treatment?

There is a waiting period of 12 months only for the diseases mentioned in article 4 under the special conditions of the policy. 

May I buy maternity coverage only?

No, you must subscribe at least to an Inpatient Treatment Cover for maternity coverage. If you are interested in Maternity Coverage only and moreover without a waiting period you may be interested in our Two-Hearts Pregnancy Insurance products, 

How will reimbursement be made in case of an operation done in an uncontracted clinic?

İn the non-contracted institutions and only for inpatient treatment, the institution will proceed to postpayment / reimbursement processes.

Are health expenses incurred in public hospitals covered?

Yes, your health expenses incurred in state hospitals and state-owned university hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health are covered within your limits defined in your policy.

What is the age limit for pregnancy and maternity coverage?

All women between the ages of 18-45 can benefit from the Pregnancy and Maternity coverage.

Is there a waiting period for pregnancy and maternity coverage?

Yes there is a 10 months waiting period. In other words, the last menstrual date (SAT) should be after the 10-month waiting period. Baby ultrasonography findings and SAT are considered as the beginning of this period.