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Travel Insurance

You can insure yourself against certain risks that you may encounter during your international trips or business travels, like illnesses and accidents.

Your healthcare expenses are covered abroad.

No more nightmares of losing baggage! We also insure your baggage thanks to VIP Travel Insurance.

With our medical advisory service, you can contact us for free and 7/24 by phone.

What is a Travel Health Insurance?

As Demir our Travel insurance are designed to cover you for trips of limited duration. We offer protection against health and travel related issues. We will be always standing by you with our travel insurance products so that you will know where to apply safely in case of an accident, disablement and illness.

In terms of medical coverage, our Travel insurance is intended to provide short-term emergency medical treatment, within your specified area or period of cover. The aim here is to get you well enough to return home.

"Visa Travel Insurance" and "VIP Travel Insurance" each cover minimum guarantees that are mandatory to be met to apply for a visa. In addition to minimum coverages, a rich variety of assistance services is offered under VIP Travel Insurance.

Am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible, too, if you are between 18 and 80 years old. If the potential insured is between 0 and 17 years old, he may buy the insurance on the condition that his parents will be the policyholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for reimbursing your expenses?

  • Original Invoice (Payment cannot be made by photocopy.)
  • Detailed statement of the insured about the disease, the health problem he / she spends
  • Detailed doctor report (medical report)
  • Disclaimer (Invoice amounts that you want to pay must be entered, TL accounts must be written and signed.)
  • Passport full page photocopies
  • Policy number or policy example

*For your information as a result of the evaluation of the compensation file, there may be another document request by the health compensation department.

What should I do in case of an emergency, a request for doctor, assistance services or hospitalization?

You can reach our 7/24 relevant customer representative by calling +90 212 371 07 21 Remed Assistance Istanbul center.

In which language should the documents be issued for Travel Health Insurance evaluations?

It should be in Turkish, English or German. Otherwise, the document is requested to be translated with a sworn translation.

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